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Brew Central, America's Craft Brew Destination

About Brew Central New York

Welcome to Central NY

If you consider yourself a craft beverage connoisseur, Brew Central is the place to prove it. If you’re a craft beer buff, hard cider sipper, vodka devotee, whiskey aficionado or wine-meister, then welcome home. Our roots in rich hop history continue to grow with the baddest craft beverages out there made by the coolest people around. If you’re into endless craft beverage sampling, cool brew fests and killer concerts, we’ve got everything you need to plan the ultimate brew tour filled with over 100 places, tons of great events and some of the best times you’ll ever have.

Here You Are

It’s all set in the adventurous outdoors and agricultural bounty of Central New York, the craft beverage oasis in between Niagara Falls and New York City. It’s easy to get here from many major U.S. and Canadian cities.

Old Forge
Johnson City
Sharon Springs
Sylvan Beach
Cherry Valley
Little Falls

Our Brew Communities

Explore the brew communities of Central New York, where craft beverages meet savory dishes, exciting events and endless adventure. From Cooperstown to Syracuse and Utica to Binghamton, Central New York’s small towns and cities are filled with big stories, traditions and tastes for every palate.

Stories On Tap

YouTube Series

Why wait to visit? Learn more about the people and places that make Brew Central America’s Craft Brew Destination right now in our award-winning “Stories on Tap” YouTube series. Meet some of the colorful personalities behind the stories, traditions and tastes that make a trip to Brew Central a memorable journey and incredible experience. Each episode features a different brewer, distiller or vintner dedicated to making great drinks and building communities around them.

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Meet the Brewers

“For us, it’s about reconnecting with nature. We want people to have an opportunity to slow down. What we want to offer here is a chance to reconnect with your family or your friends or your community.”
– Erica Weiss, Weiss Ferments
“Central New York is cool because every place you go, you can find a brewery to go visit. It’s just a fun scene”
– Justin Staskiewicz, Fulton Chain Craft Brewery
“I think it’s special to be in an area that’s so well-renowned for its ingredients, particularly those that went into earlier beer production. It just proves that this is a great region for producing all of those things.
– Adam Rosenthal, Wayward Lane Brewing
“People love the idea that we’re the original hop-growing area of the United States. It’s awesome to say this beer has hops that were grown an hour away. ”
– Keith Redhead, Woodland Farm Brewery

Central New York Brewfinder


Get a taste of and start planning your trip to America's Craft Brew Destination with our interactive map.

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Discover Our Pubs

The pubs of Central New York take pride in offering the best brews from New York state and beyond. Enjoy a pint from the carefully selected, craft-centric taps awaiting you in Brew Central, where the only tradition stronger than making beer, ciders, spirits and wines is serving them.

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Deep Roots in Brew

Just over a 125 years ago, Central New York growers made the 12-county region the hop capital of the country. The fertile soils of Brew Central produced 90 percent of the nation’s hops in the late 1800s and the state was the No. 1 beer producer in the U.S. for decades.

Our History

Pop Culture

Brewery Ommegang beers are distributed coast to coast and a favorite among craft brew fans, especially the popular and much-sought-after “Game of Thrones” series that has placed them more prominently on the map in recent years. That came about when HBO approached the brewery about putting together beers inspired by characters.

Join The Club

Back in the 1950s and ’60s, Utica Club was the big beer coming out of F.X. Matt Brewing Co. The premier upstate brew was promoted by two talking steins, Schultz and Dooley, a beloved pair who appeared on local television. Utica Club is still produced by F.X. Matt and the steins are still coveted by collectors from around the world.

The Real Deal

This baseball decanter from Cooperstown Distillery is as authentic as it gets, right down to the 108 stitches it mimics from the real thing. The top is made from ash wood like a bat. Flip it over to find a baseball diamond bottom. These are so popular, owner Eugene Marra even sells them empty.

A Race for the Finish

Founded in 1978, the Boilermaker 15K Road Race draws elite runners from around the world, but it’s also known for its legendary post-race party at F.X. Matt Brewing Co. in Utica, New York. Saranac beer flows cold and plentiful for more than 17,000 runners along with friends, family and locals.

New England, New York

Beer Tree Brew Co. has a healthy obsession with the Northeast region’s signature style: the New England IPA. Hazy, juicy and just plain delicious, the young Binghamton-area brewery has produced dozens upon dozens of variations they constantly add to their rotation.

Brews Off The Beaten Path