Hidden Springs is no secret. In fact, it’s not unusual for a few hundred people to show up on a weekend when there’s live music.

“On days I’m behind the counter and the place is packed, looking and seeing how many people are here. It’s really awesome. It’s a good feeling,” Head Brewer Nathan Edgett.

Hidden Springs Brewhouse started as an idea for a hop farm that Krista Porter-Moore and her husband, Mark Moore, would maintain in retirement – a hobby operation. They wanted to supply the growing number of breweries in the region, but instead decided to join them. What Hidden Springs became was a craft beverage beacon in the rural town of Norwich, New York, with beers worthy of awards.

There’s an everyman’s brewing philosophy here that Edgett follows, one that’s not dominated by any one style.

“I don’t brew a boatload of IPAs,” he said. “I like to give people an array of beer to drink and try to make sure there’s something there for everyone.”

Bestsellers include Lady of the Lake, a blond ale, and the multi-award-winning Krista’s Vanilla Porter. Edgett is proud of them all.

“It’s a great feeling for me and that’s what I look forward to – I try to give the customer the highest quality beer,” he said.

Sometimes it’s just that simple.

“We’re just down-to-earth people here and we’re trying to make the best beer that we can and just have a good time,” Porter-Moore said.