Chris Talgo and his wife, Tracy, built a community around their taps, bottles and original brews in the spirit of European pub culture. The more than 100 beers served at Nail Creek Pub & Brewery are more than beer.

It’s conversation. It’s camaraderie. It’s a true brew experience.

Chris embraces this culture by hiring outgoing staff, utilizing an open floor plan, keeping a regular rotation of craft beers and brewing his own Belgian-style ales.

Nail Creek offers locally sourced dishes with international flair and hosts a wide variety of patrons from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, metalheads and hippies all blend together here, Chris says.

Chris: When I was in college, I studied abroad in Norway where my family is from. I basically just lived in the pubs out there 5 or 6 days a week. The culture behind pubs in Europe is much different. It’s more just a fabric of life versus an evening out to get absolutely drunk. When we opened up this place the intent was to have as much of that European style feel as we could. I got started in brewing about 3 years before we opened up the pub here. I was an extreme hobbyist at the time and the original intent when I opened up the pub, was to get a brewery going. It took about 4 years after opening but eventually but eventually we did get the brewery open. We opened with the intent to sell as much craft beer as we could. We do not sell any of the major American yellow beers. We sell over 100 different bottled beers and we always have 12 drafts on tap and they’re always craft beer.

If anyone out there has a beer they want us to have, we will do whatever we can to find it for them. The Nail Creek is a creek that used to run through where the Brewing Company is right now. A really good friend actually said, “Hey, Chris there’s this thing called the Nail Creek, it used to be part of the brewing industry.” I heard the name and I said, that’s a great name, it has great history, this is going to be the Nail Creek Pub. About 6 months after opening, a local Irish culture group came to us and asked if we would be interested in hosting a traditional Irish Seisiún. I was of course all for it and we’ve been doing it for about 5 almost 6 years now. It’s the first Tuesday of every month and we pack the house every time. We usually get between 10 and 20 musicians and a whole lot of people enjoying the music.