As close to a Scottish inn as you will find this far west of Edinburgh.

Brae Loch Inn (Hill Lake Inn) operated in an old farmhouse originally located in Borodino, New York, on a hilltop overlooking Skaneateles Lake. Adam Scotty Brown, his wife Eva and their “twa boys” opened as a summer only restaurant in 1946. In 1950 they made the decision to relocate to the present site, beside picturesque Cazenovia Lake.

Built in 1805, the William Burr Estate became the setting for beautiful weddings, intimate fine dining, overnight accommodations, as well as catering, business meetings, and banquets.

The vision of a warm and welcoming atmosphere that our father, Scotty began is still in operation today and continues to be a family affair.

If you would like to know more about the Barr/Brown family, Scotty Brown wrote a book titled, “A Man’s A Man For A That”, and may be purchased at the gift shop for $10.00.