Jordan Karp left behind his career as a political consultant in Boston and New York City to become Adirondack Distilling Co.’s master distiller. He joins Dr. Bruce Elwell and attorney Steve Cox, who all want to be a part of a movement brewing in Central New York – a growing need for people to reconnect with their food and drink.

“There’s a renaissance of the upstate culture and the demand for local products,” Jordan says. “That’s a big part this. The fact that it’s made with care by the people that live here says something.”

Adirondack spirits incorporate all-local ingredients from the upstate corn used to make them right down to the Herkimer diamonds – a rare mineral found only in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains – used to filter them.

“This is handcrafted from beginning to end,” says Bruce. “That’s something we can be proud of and it puts us in a unique place.”

Not to mention a unique space: The building housing Adirondack’s stills has deep roots in the area. The former bank was essentially built to handle the finances of 125-year-old F.X. Matt Brewing Co., just down the street. It later became a popular concert venue and much later, a rundown shadow of its former self.

“We brought this building back to life,” Jordan says. The three co-founders made a sizable investment in renovations and equipment.

Adirondack’s German stills produce the flagship vodka, gin, white whisky and Central New York’s first legal bourbon ever. Each bottle – every sip – gives the makers, their community and Central New York something to be proud of.

Tours are available Monday through Saturday by appointment. Adirondack products are available throughout Brew Central and New York state.