Starting this month, a local bar is brewing up a new way to help charities in Greater Binghamton.

Water Street Brewing Company in downtown Binghamton has recently launched a Charity Pint Night with the motto, “Drink well, Do good.”

Every Wednesday, 50 cents of each pint sold will be donated to help local charity.

The brewery opened two years ago and features 30 different styles of beer including a lager, a pale ale and a robust porter.

All the beer is made on the premises and is served directly from the tanks.

Co-owner Michele Bleichert says despite holding some charitable events throughout the year, she wanted to do something on a consistent basis.

“We’re a local business and we do feel that with local being a part of our motto that extends to giving back to the community. As business owners, and as people who live and work in this community we do feel that giving back to the community is something that you have to do,” said┬áBleichert.

The benefiting charity will change each month.

The first recipient is the Broome County Dog Shelter, formerly known as the Front Street Dog Shelter, through the end of July.

It houses stray and abandoned dogs for 12 towns in the county with an active adoption program.

Water Street is also accepting dog food, toys and blanket donations for the shelter.

Charity Pint Night runs Wednesdays from 4 to 11.