WAKE Multimedia‘s series on the revival of upstate New York hop growing continues. View the two latest chapters, “From the Ground Up” and “A New Crop” (featuring shots from Middle Ages Brewing Co.) below …

Hopped Upstate: From the Ground Up from WAKE Multimedia on Vimeo.

Dave Pasick of Szaro Farms in Utica, N.Y., has been working to expand his hop yard for the last several months. After an attempt to raise money on Kickstarter didn’t work out for him, he’s been researching other opportunities for funding. Dave, like many new hop farmers across the state, is starting from scratch and building his hop yard from the ground up. Hops are a new crop and new industry in NYS, but despite the challenges, he feels confident in the backing by the state and the resources that are becoming available for farmers and brewers.

Hopped Upstate: A New Crop from WAKE Multimedia on Vimeo.

In the last decade, craft beer has boomed in New York and, as a result, so has a brand new hops industry. Its a new crop for most of the farmers building hop yards and there’s a lot of room for growth. Steve Miller, state hops specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension says that the biggest challenge standing in front of a maturing hops industry is lack of knowledge by beginner hop farmers. He works with CCE, the Northeast Hop Alliance, and the Geneva Experiment Station to do research on growing NYS native hops – and most importantly, getting that information to the farmers.