Project 29 Pub & Filling Station

At Project 29 we proudly present a fine selection of twenty NYS Craft Brews on tap.

Serving great pub food and drink.    

Hours: Mon. 3:00 – 8:30 PM,  Wed.-Sat. 11:30AM – 10:00 PM,  Sun. 12 – 8:00 PM, Tue. Closed

The Stockyard Public House

The Stockyard Public House is more than a place to eat.

It’s a forum for enjoying food, drink, friends and family.

Offering affordable dining, great food and stellar service – we suggest you start by choosing a supper that strikes your fancy. While we prepare that, enjoy an appetizer and beverage – sit back and enjoy!

Stout Beard Brewing Co.

Ask for us at your favorite pub!

We are a New York state farm brewery specializing in the deeply complex and endlessly varied stout style of ale. We are currently a “distribution only” brewery so ask for us in your favorite pub or restaurant!

Woodland Farm Brewery

From the pioneers of the Leatherstocking era to the outdoor enthusiasts of the modern Adirondacks, upstate New York has a great tradition of adventure.

The craft beverage renaissance happening in Central New York celebrates its own traditions, namely its roots in agriculture and experimentation.


Woodland Farm Brewery just outside of Utica taps into all of the above, embracing experimentation with its primarily New York State grown beers.

Co-founders Keith Redhead and Nick Natishak wanted to combine their passion for beer with an appreciation of Central New York’s brewing history. They established Woodland and captured the essence of Brew Central, America’s Craft Brew Destination. As a brewer, Redhead strives to create new vibrant and tasty beers regularly. Barrel aged beers and cask ales are two of the main focuses at Woodland. With two beer engines, there are always two cask offerings at any time! Their casks rotate regularly and offer variations and concoctions of what’s on tap; each with a little twist like more hops in the cask, local coffee or even cocoa.

But rest assured, Woodland brewers aren’t afraid to throw in something a little more daring like hot peppers, peanut butter, or fruit from time to time. Their barrel aging program includes locally sourced new oak barrels from Adirondack Barrel Cooperage in Remsen, NYS bourbon, cider, and wine barrels, and whatever else they can get their hands on!

So stop by Woodland, enjoy some good company, food, and tunes, all while drinking either some ridiculously fresh ales fermented with locally grown ingredients OR a well-aged Big ‘Ol Beer. There’s something new almost every week to try and multiple rotating offerings on Cask.

It’s paying off, as you’ll often find the sun-soaked patio at Woodland’s tasting room full of craft community members of all ages from near and far. In the spring of 2018, Woodland introduced a small but delicious food menu which includes sandwiches, wraps, and paninis utilizing local breads, produce, and meats. As you sit down to enjoy a pint, jam to some local live music or enjoy an open mic night on Tuesdays.

As part of the just-launched Heart of New York Craft Beverage Trail, Woodland plans to eventually offer tours of its hop yard and brewery so they can walk patrons through the entire handcrafted process the owners love so much.

You can visit the traveler and dog friendly tasting room from 1 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; and noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays.


Old Home Distillers

This farm distillery is set on historic property in rural Lebanon, New York, at the geographic heart of the state.

Old Home produces small-batch, handcrafted distilled spirits featuring locally grown ingredients.

The owners are firmly committed to the creation and successful marketing of high-quality products that will ensure a legacy for the family, benefit local farmers and enrich their corner of Madison County and the state of New York.

Prospect Falls Winery

Situated at the threshold of the Adirondack mountains, Prospect Falls is Oneida County’s first licensed winery. The inviting tasting room offers wines and locally crafted items.

Wines include:

Roaring Falls Red – A beautifully smoky, dry red blend with an earthen nose and lovely, rich, but soft, mouth feel. Flavors of plum and black current present early on with caramelized nutty finish. Fabulous for barbecues and cookouts.

Merlot – There’s nothing “soft” about this dry, big, bold example of the varietal, with a wonderfully rich cherry nose followed by lush notes of coffee and dark chocolate-covered cherries. A little pop of acidity on the tongue subsides into an exceptionally smooth, warm and lingering wine.

Lean To – Drink enough of this semi-sweet “Adult Grape Juice” and you’ll lean, too. A blend conspired to create sweet mayhem with delightful, fruity flavors of fresh, ripe cranberries and violet flowers. Super easy to drink and enjoy, this may be your wine “gateway drug.”

Cascading White – A clean, crisp and bright off-dry wine featuring bold flavors of pear, green apple, white flower and honeysuckle with a smooth mineral finish. Pair with soft cheeses, chicken dishes, fruit and walnut salads.

Edelweiss – A semi-dry with a vibrant, floral bouquet in the nose with notes of citrus, especially limes and lemon peel, on the palate. Full bodied with an acidic Granny Smith Apple end note. The clean flavors of this versatile wine lend themselves well to fish dishes and white pasta.

Shard – A semi-sweet blend of wines with a bright, green grape beginning and beautiful soft mouth feel with lingering notes of starfruit, apricot, and honey a the back end. A fantastic easy-drinking wine.


Brae Loch Inn

As close to a Scottish inn as you will find this far west of Edinburgh.

Brae Loch Inn (Hill Lake Inn) operated in an old farmhouse originally located in Borodino, New York, on a hill top overlooking Skaneateles Lake. Adam Scotty Brown, his wife Eva and their “twa boys” opened as a summer only restaurant in 1946. In 1950 they made the decision to relocate to the present site, beside picturesque Cazenovia Lake.

Built in 1805, the William Burr Estate became the setting for beautiful weddings, intimate fine dining, overnight accommodations, as well as catering, business meetings, and banquets.

The vision of a warm and welcoming atmosphere that our father, Scotty began is still in operation today and continues to be a family affair.

If you would like to know more about the Barr/Brown family, Scotty Brown wrote a book titled, “A Man’s A Man For A That”, and may be purchased at the gift shop for $10.00.

Local 315 Brewing Co.

We grow several varieties of hops right on our farm to use in our craft creations.  Keeling it local in the 315.

The Colonial

Many have claimed it to be the greatest bar in New York State. Others have
said it’s the best bar between 56 and 58 Court Street in Binghamton.

Villa Verona Vineyard

There’s so much to love about wine and, at Villa Verona Vineyard, plenty of love applied to the product as well.

“There’s so much love that goes into these wines,” Founder Mary Jo Beach says. “The producing, the checking, the measuring … we love the process.”

Even the labels get a personal touch as Beach writes all the descriptions for her cleverly named creations like Miss Sassy Pants, 50 Shades of Red, Diamond Diva and BFF.

“I pick them out, I write them and I drive the artist that’s creating the labels crazy because I’m very specific,” she says. “They’re all my children.”

They’re popular kids, as patrons who come for tastings typically leave with a bottle of wine, Beach says.

She opened her doors in 2014 as Oneida County’s first and only winery. Located just down the road from the Turning Stone Resort Casino, it’s stayed plenty busy since as the addition of a farm-to-table bistro and spa attest.

Beach, a former radio executive, admits she knew little about winemaking when she started out. But, the budding vintner had brought on a chemist and a consultant from the Finger Lakes region to get things started.

“I’m proud to be a New York state winery. I put our wines up against any other product in the country,” says Beach, who sources her juices from the Finger Lakes as well as the northern and western regions of the state.

Villa Verona is a proud partner of the Heart of New York Beverage Trail that includes all the Oneida County craft beverage producers, Saranac, Nail Creek Pub & Brewery and Copper City Brewing Co. among them.

The trail made up of the “Friends of Fermentation” facilitates collaboration as well. Recently, Villa Verona and Adirondack Distilling Co. made a swap, with wine fermenting in bourbon barrels and vice versa.

“We help each other all the time,” Beach says. “I talk to all of them on a regular basis.”

Fellow winery Prospect Falls along with Woodland Farm Brewery and 16 Stone Brewpub round out the trail.

“[Villa Verona] is my way to be a Central New Yorker and say, ‘look what we have here,'” Beach says. “There’s so much here for any one person.”

In other words, there’s so much to love about Brew Central.

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Domhnall Vineyards and Winery

Come enjoy exceptional wines from the Mohawk Valley’s Premiere Vineyard and Winery.

Beginning almost a decade ago, eager to prove this area has the potential to produce quality wine grapes, we began a long journey testing several areas around the Valley searching for the ideal vineyard location. After four years, we discovered a site, which would prove to produce excellent quality wine grapes.

After the success of our first vintage of Vignoles, Baco Noir was added to the vineyard , then Valvin Muscat.

Hummingbird Hills Winery

It was supposed to be a place to retire. But, now it seems Kimm and Ken Schick are working harder than ever.

Hummingbird Hills Winery is a labor of love, though.

“We actually grow the product and create it here,” Ken says. “When we got in this business, we wanted to create a product that we make ourselves.

“You have to have a passion for it, like any other farmer,” says the former contractor.

Ken and Kimm are New Jersey transplants who sought a quiet country life in upstate New York. After purchasing the former dairy farm, they had to figure out something to do with the land.

“The grapes were not in our minds at all,” says Kimm, who owned a deli back in Jersey. “We actually went back and forth over what we would do.”

Grapes were an odd choice, perhaps, as many varietals are difficult to grow here.

“When we set out to do something, we don’t quit. It’s not in our vocabulary,” Kimm says. “To do something that we love and bring everything full circle is something that keeps us going.”

They certainly went for it. The 1,200 vines they planted in 2001 as a base for their home winemaking has evolved into 28 acres of grapes and a business.

They’ve also got plenty of apples and elderberries. The non-grape wines are where they tend to get the most creative.

“We like to do different and unique things,” Kimm says. “When someone comes into the winery, we always say to keep an open mind, an open palate and just relax and enjoy something different.”

That difference is actually rooted in very traditional methods. For example, the dandelion wine recipe comes from Ken’s grandfather, the elderberry from grandma.

“They had a lot of old-fashioned ways of doing stuff and some of that we still do here,” Ken says. “Some of them are unconventional, but it makes good wine.

“Winemaking is an art, but some people make it more complicated than it needs to be,” he says. “It’s simply producing a product that people want to drink.”

And creating a place people want to come.


“If you’re a wine fan, coming out to Central New York is a totally different experience. It’s a great tasting experience,” Kimm says. “There are a lot of family-owned wineries, a lot of hard-working people and I think a lot of times when you go to the smaller wineries, you feel like you’re in their living room when you walk in.

“We’ve heard so many times that people just feel like they’re coming home,” she says.

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Copper Moose Ale House

Copper Moose Ale House is an American pub with an emphasis on craft beer. We promote good beer and great conversation.

Our goal is to provide an environment that promotes casual, affordable dining in a refined atmosphere. A full menu of wine and spirits accompany our 27 draft beer selections and we will have daily specials and promotional events in order to keep your experiences with us fresh and exciting.

Pail Shop Vineyards

In the years before baseball, Cooperstown was home to farmers and craftsmen making a living from the area’s rocky soil, hilly terrain and cold climate. Water powered mills lined the creeks and streams, providing everything from pitchforks to cider to oil pressed from local seeds.

Just north of Fly Creek, a shop making wooden pails lent the name “Pail Shop Corners” to the intersection of Goose Street and the north valley road.

Pail Shop Vineyards

Today, Pail Shop Vineyards draws on the spirit of the area’s early settlers, growing cold climate grape varietals and crafting wines that reflect the rocky soil of our hillside vineyard.

Open Saturdays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Green Wolf Brewing Co.

Justin Behan adapted his love of brewing and history to contribute to the community, filling an empty Main Street storefront while making great beer at Green Wolf Brewing Co.

His love of hop history promises a little of the past goes into every pint he makes using the latest tech and old-school techniques like grinding regionally-sourced grains by hand … or feet, rather. His modified stationary bike processes the ingredients with the most local source possible – himself.

As a New York licensed farm brewery, Green Wolf sources most of its ingredients from the immediate area – even aging one ale in discarded bourbon barrels from a local distillery. That gives Justin’s German- and Belgian-style brews a flavor that you will only find in Central New York.

Check out more of our “Stories on Tap” webisodes.

Justin: New York state, not only was hops king in New York state this used to be the brew central of the country. Pinder Brothers was the largest hops field, at one point it was the largest hops field, in New York state. They were around from mid 19th century until 1953. Nineteen fifty-three was the last crop under cultivation and the next year they went over to corn. That’s why I’ve named our Imperial IPA Pinder’s Imperial in homage of the largest in the county, the largest hops field and for a while the largest in the state. It’s exciting to see especially on hops yards grow, expand and blossom around the state and around here. I wish I had more time to talk with more farmers but it’s something that’s paramount to Green Wolf Brewing Company is trying to at some point to get to 100% or nearly 100% of our malt and hops grown locally.

About six years ago I started home brewing. I’d been interested for a few years, it just took me a while to pick it up. Once I made that first batch of beer it was just profound. I put this beer together and it tasted good, that first batch was incredible. I’d share it with people and their eyes would light up and it was like “Oh my God, this is really good. You made this?” The aromas from the mash and opening up a bag of hops and that wonderful floral and citrus aroma, it was just spellbinding, captivating, it was alive, it was magic. It was science and it was magic. It dawned on me it’s not only a tasty beverage but it’s also a community.

I’m very excited about the growth of the Brew Central network and bringing all of us together in upstate New York, all of the distilleries and breweries and creating more brew trails. It’s a wonderful profession to be in. Everybody, all the breweries, the brewers, everybody is so cooperative and so nice, so excited. Brew Central is right in the middle of that.

Tap room hours are 4 to 10 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 2 to 10 p.m. Saturdays; and noon to 6 p.m.

There is Trivia every Thursday 6 to 9 p.m., live music every Friday and Saturday 7 to 10 p.m. and Sunday happy hour all day – $1 off all pints!

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