DikinDurt Distillery

The dream for DikinDurt Distillery began one starry fall night in Herkimer, New York with two friends, Eric and Beth, over a back yard fire and a bottle of whiskey. That blazing fire ignighted their imaginations and their passion for great whiskey. It’s how DikinDurt began. After two long years of planning and lots of hard work their dream became a reality.

DikinDurt has opened as the first distillery in Herkimer County. We’re proud to be the first to bring local moonshine to the Mohawk Valley. DikinDurt Mohawk Valley Moonshine is availabe through liquor stores. Many bars have it on the shelves as well if you would like to try a taste. See our available locations page for a list of locations where Mohawk Valley Moonshine is in stock. YOU’RE GONNA LIKE THE WAY YOU FEEL! (It’s our slogan for a reason).