Cooperstown Brewing Co.

Nestled in upstate New York and just outside of Cooperstown, Cooperstown Brewing Co. was founded in 1995. We combine baseball and brewing so that you can celebrate America’s past time in the right way.

The brewery was formally home to the Haight Cheese Company, bought by Oscar Weatherly and Stuart Haight in 1903. “Pine Apple Cheese” was a known product of the plant. The cheese was wrapped in a handmade crochet bag and sprayed with an orange shellac. When unwrapped, it looked just like a pineapple.

Upon Cooperstown Brewing’s conception, the brewery was the only 20-barrel brewing system built by the experts at Peter Austin Partners, Ltd. out of Ringwood, England. The system is known internationally for its use of authentic, traditional brewing methods to hand-craft consistent, quality ales. Our original bottling line was bought from Sam Adams brewery who had purchased the industrial beast years before from Coca-Cola. CBC’s founder was a big fan of baseball and between his interest and our location, baseball became the theme of the brewery. Most of the brews and merchandise have since been attributed to the theme.

In 2014, the brewery changed ownership to Northern Eagle Beverages, Inc. of Oneonta, New York. NEB is the first distribution company to own a brewery. With their love of beer, they wanted to develop all facets of the industry from production with their association with Hager Hops, Northern Eagle Hop Pelletizing and CBC to their distribution network.

Since NEB’s ownership began, the beer production has halted at the brewery itself. All our brewing is done at Glens Falls Brewing Co. in Queensbury, New York. While Cooperstown Brewing originally started on a 20-barrel system, they now operate with a 50-barrel and 3.5-barrel pilot brew system. The lineup has grown over the years to include a variety of brews and the Pop Fly soda line.

Whether it be a stop on the Cooperstown Beverage Trail or hanging out with family and friends you don’t want to miss Cooperstown Brewing!

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Ian: Cooperstown Brewing Company started back in 1995, hand-crafting English ales using the Peter Austin system. Old Slugger is the flagship. First brewed back in 1995. It’s a light-bodied pale ale. The second we came out with, Nine Man Golden Ale, nice and light-bodied. Finish out with a Back Yard IPA and a Bench Warmer porter. New to the list this year, we do have a rye wheat induction ale, fitting perfectly into the growth of the brewery. There was definitely a connection back in ’95, obviously for where we’re located to connect beer and baseball. We fit perfectly into the area. Growth from ’95 to like 2010, we were doing really well. Things were going well. The brand was out there. Cooperstown was growing. It was on the map. Distribution was gaining. We had a couple rough years in there a little bit, and as of the start of 2014, Cooperstown Brewing was purchased by Northern Eagle Beverage. It sort of gave us new life.

We had new recipes coming on board, distribution’s back out there. We’re back to the day one, Alan Pugsley recipes of ’95. We’re starting to transition into a whole new game for us. When folks travel to this area, they’re looking for something local. You’ve got Omme Gang up the street, you’ve got Cooperstown Brewing, you’ve got Butternuts Beer & Ale. All of us are producing different tastes, different styles. I think as far as the craft world in general, that’s the best thing about it, is there’s something different everywhere you go. There’s something different in every store. You can pick and choose and you find the little miracles within the shelves. I guess that’s what I like. I think our brand definitely sticks out. We produce a good English ale, and we’re looking forward to what we can come out with next.

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