Adirondack Distilling Co. may make world-class spirits, but the ingredients come from home in the heart of Central New York – right down to the “Herkimer diamonds” used to filter the drinks.

Brew Central is America’s Craft Brew Destination and Adirondack Distilling is a major contributor to that designation.


A SIP of Success

The Utica distiller started with gin and vodka, quickly earning recognition from the American Wine & Spirits Society and taking home Spirits International Prestige (SIP) and World Vodka awards.

Founded in 2012, Adirondack Distilling pays tribute to the old school with two American classics: SIP Award-winning white whisky and 601 Bourbon.


Local Ingredients Craft World-Class Beverages

The biggest point of pride isn’t the awards, says Master Distiller Jordan Karp. His recipes use local corn and the spirits are filtered with “Herkimer diamonds,” a unique quartz found only in the nearby foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

“There’s a renaissance of the upstate culture and the demand for local products,” Karp says. “That’s a big part this. The fact that it’s made with care by the people that live here says something.”

The corn comes from within 100 miles of the distillery.

“We’re one of very few bourbons that use 100 percent corn,” Karp says. “It gives it a really nice flavor profile that’s different from what people might be used to.”

It’s the kind of craft spirit that whiskey drinkers embrace once they’ve had a taste. Many more are discovering it thanks to expanding distribution both in the States and internationally via Canada, Israel and Russia.

But, you don’t have to go very far to get a tour and tasting at Adirondack or any other Brew Central craft distiller. Craft your own summer adventure in America’s Craft Brew Destination