The FX Matt Brewing Co. will be returning to the classic gold packaging on their famous Utica Club line of beers.  The transition back to the gold cans will be gradual, so a mixture of “retro” white cans and gold cans will be in the market temporarily.  The return to the gold cans will correspond with a promotion: if a white can is found in a gold pack, it can be redeemed at the Brewery Shop for a $20 gift card (out of code cans are not eligible).

Utica Club’s gold packaging was introduced to the brand in 2002. The gold label features Lady Columbia, who is representative of America and can be seen in stained glass throughout the brewery, which is also situated on Columbia Street in Utica, NY.

U.C. is an award winning premium Pilsener-Lager which has recently achieved some notable recognition, namely:

  • Silver at the Denver International Beer Competition 2016
  • Silver at the Australian Beer Awards 2016
  • Certificate of Excellence at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2015
  • New York Pilsener of the year 2015 – New York International Beer Competition 2015

It is and always will be the 1st beer licensed for sale at the end of Prohibition in 1933 (for a more in depth version of this story come see us on our Brewery tour). Brewed from the best quality malt, grains, and choices hops for the purest taste, xx (two times) pure to be exact.

Here’s to your favorite relative, Uncle Charlie, and his shiny new/old outfit.