Living in a large city like I do, I look forward to times when I can take a break and get away. I anticipate a visit to a smaller city, a ride through open spaces, and anything else that is the antithesis of what I’m used to. When I was planning for a visit to Central New York and its growing beer scene, I envisioned natural scenery, small villages, and plenty of fresh air. This is precisely what I experienced when I paid a visit to the small town of Port Crane and Beer Tree Brew Co., a brewery located at 197 State Route 369 in Port Crane, New York.

Beer with Charm

Beer Tree Brew Co. is a larger than expected brewery with a stand- alone structure that, at least from the outside, doesn’t seem like it would house a brewery. The exterior and interior feature plenty of wood accents, giving it a barn- like persona. The inside tap room is large and well- lit, with a centrally located bar. There is an outdoor bar, too, perfect for when the weather is right.

Beer Tree Brew offers a good deal of seating, both indoors and outdoors, and a large parking lot so you should have no trouble finding a spot to place your vehicle. The establishment is kid and dog friendly and guests can grab a bite to eat from the food truck if the hunger pangs get intense.

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