Saranac’s Pale Ale and Adirondack Lager were each awarded gold medals in the 2013 United States Open Beer Championship.

Judges from England, Canada and the United States evaluated more than 2,500 beers from breweries around the world.

“These two gold medals for our core beers just reinforce why we’re so excited about our 125th anniversary celebration packs,” said president Fred Matt. “We’ve always focused on making quality beers that our consumers will choose over anything else – which is exactly what the judges did.”

Saranac is launching 125th celebration packages entirely focused on their core beers: there will be an extra pint of their new Legacy IPA in select packages, including Pale Ale, White IPA, and Trail Mix 12 packs. The Trail Mix pack includes these two gold medal winners, as well as Saranac’s “Black Forest” dark lager, which is the brewer’s most awarded beer, and the White IPA.

About the Awards

Pale Ale won gold for the English Pale Ale category. Pale Ale is Saranac’s flagship brew that is rich and fruity with a crisp finish. The brewery recently updated the brewing process for this classic favorite, using their new “Hop Infusion Process” which maximized beer to hop exposure for a fresher taste.  Pair it with burgers, bread pudding and cheddar cheese.

Adirondack Lager won gold in the Marzen/Oktoberfest category. Adirondack Lager is Saranac’s original award-winning beer brewed in the German Lager tradition using Noble hops. Hop bitterness is balanced with caramel malt sweetness, creating the ultimate “round” beer. Pair it with barbecue, sausage and peppers and jack or white cheddar cheese.