Just down the street from where FX Matt Brewing bottled success, the entrepreneurial spirit lives on with the Adirondack Distilling Co.

“We say a doctor, a lawyer and a political consultant walked into a bar, and the distillery was born,” said Adirondack Distillery co-founder Jordan Karp.

That was less than a year ago, when Karp was a political consultant. Karp, Steve Cox and Bruce Elwell are now making a splash in the vodka world.

According to Karp, it’s their careful process that’s getting them quick recognition.

“Well ours doesn’t taste like most vodka,” he said, “It’s definitely got a little bit of sweetness, it’s definitely got a nose to it. And it’s definitely smoother.”

They’ve won four awards in the last few weeks. Two of those awards were for taste. Karp said their process filters out impurities, resulting in less of a burn.

“This is built as a bank, so this is the old vault to the bank,” Karp said. “We pump our vodka through here for hours and hours and hours, so the spirit goes through the diamonds multiple times.”

Herkimer diamonds are supposed to add a smooth, local finish.

“People are straying away from big huge brands and finding more homegrown, local things, and I think that we’re just part of that movement,” Karp explained.

However, their growing reputation is set to launch them as a national brand. This week they are shipping batches to stores as far away as California.

The Adirondack Distillery is also branching out into other spirits. They are expected to release a new gin within the next few days.