When you walk into Water Street Brewing Co., you are greeted with a diverse and wide range of beers on tap from German lagers and English ales to new styles like NEIPAs and sours. You can expect endless options when you stop into Water Street Brewing Co., where brewer Nick Hall and owners Kristin Adrascik and Steve Button are always ready to share their knowledge and love for the craft.

Hall is a Central New York native whose passion for brewing started 12 years ago. “I’ve lived in Central New York all my life, and I am a big fan of the farming and brewing industries that are currently excelling and coming together here,” Hall says.

Being the craft beer connoisseur that he is, he found that some styles were more difficult to find commercially. He thought: Why not just learn how to homebrew? From there, his passion skyrocketed.

Under John Bleichert, the original owner and brewer of Water Street Brewing Co., and David Knapp, Hall studied and trained, absorbing all that he could. He adopted many of the techniques and practices to make sure that Bleichert’s high standards carried on.

“There is something about the diversity in styles of beer that makes the profession challenging, yet full of opportunities for creativity,” says Hall.

He feels that there is always something new to learn from the art of brewing. Figuring out the science behind which flavors, hops and all the ingredients that go into it to making his next best creation inspires him. Recently, the brewery added a barrel-aging project and started experimenting with small-batch and cask ales.

Being a part of the brewing community helps keep Hall and the brewery motivated. He likes being part of an industry where brewers and owners are willing to reveal tricks of the trade to help one another be successful in their ventures.

“I think people who choose this industry are so passionate about beer that they’re less interested in being competitive and more interested in just getting more good beer out there,” Hall says.

Their main focus as a brewery is about producing the best product they possibly can. By collaborating with other brewers and gaining more insight together, they can give the Central New York Community the best and most delicious brews possible.