The modern craft beer connoisseur carries a sophisticated palate, so Jason Gardner and Kristen Lyons have to make great beer. The two engineers build their brews on that simple philosophy, bringing together science, art and a close community of patrons who frequent Binghamton Brewing Co.

Jason and Kristen created their precise process as home-brewers aspiring to produce Belgian-style ales on par with esteemed beer makers like Brewery Ommegang. The inventive pair boosts their own efficiency using homemade solutions in the brewery and applies that same spirit of creativity to their beers.

They tap into the rich agricultural and brewing history of Central New York by sourcing many ingredients locally for an ever-growing lineup of beers served up to faithful followers in their bar-like tasting room.

Kristen: “We work really hard to marry the art of making delicious beers and the flavors that go with it. Then, with the process of putting it through the system. I think putting those two things together, it really is exciting and it makes us very passionate about the product that we produce. We have a large variety of beers. We always try to have a diverse selection. We always say that not every one of our beers is for everybody, but everybody will find one of our beers that they love. We really try to create and make beers that are unique and different, in a particular style, and then escaping from that style and putting our twist on something.”

Jason: “For us, I think it’s all about bringing friends together to enjoy a beer that they love.”

Kristen: “Everyone has a lot of fun when they come here. They get to meet other people and really just mingle, and no one’s a stranger. We just really have a good time.”

Jason: “If you don’t come in with a friend, we’ll assign you one. When we first starting planning, we were very much interested in using New York ingredients. We have a strong agricultural base here, and a long history of both brewing, and of hop production.”

Kristen: “We really embrace the farm brewery license and what it stands for, and to help agriculture with the New York State. I think one of the main things is to be able to create those relationships with the farmers and with the hop group producers, and it’s a great way to really impact New York State at the most basic level, and help to grow an industry that was the largest in the country up until prohibition.”

Jason: “One of the great things about being in this area, is that there’s a lot of educated customers. There’s a lot of folks that already desire craft beer, and strong support, both in the region, and very much locally. In addition, just in New York State, there has been a whole lot of legislative support and real effort to grow the industry. I think that’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Kristen: “Really, beer people love is our thing.”

Jason: “It is.”

Kristen: “We think it’s a great thing. It embodies what we really are. We want to make beer that people love. We want people to have that relationship. I really think that embodies what we are.”

Jason: “That’s the great thing about this region, and a growing industry. No matter where you go, you can find a great locally made beer.”