HAMILTON, N.Y.– A brewery in Hamilton is looking to expand after starting its company a few years ago.

The company was started in 2012 by married couple Matt Whalen and Carrie Blackmore. The couple has roots in the farming and culinary fields, and is now putting that experience to good use, brewing beer from ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

“We were home brewers, we started developing our recipes around what was available through our local growers. So to this day, not only do we use the same recipes, we’ve expanded our repertoire a little bit. We continue to work with primarily Madison County growers for our New York State grown ingredients”, said Carrie Blackmore.

That effort earned them the title of New York State’s first Farm Brewery, and the ability to open a tap room, separate from their small brewery. Their product has been so popular, just a year after opening they were at max brewing capacity. That’s why they say it’s time to build a new facility.

“In the first year we’re hoping to expand our capacity by more than five times, with the possibility¬†within the structure we’re creating to up our capacity by more than 25 times,” said Blackmore.

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