Syracuse, New York has undergone many changes over the years. The city has seen much of its traditional manufacturing and other industrial- related jobs dwindle in number, replaced by a new economy emphasizing medical, education, and other services. Also on the rise is craft beer and the brewery that has operated longer in Syracuse than any other is Middle Ages Brewing, located at 120 Wilkinson Street, Syracuse, New York .

Back in Time

Middle Ages Brewing was founded by Marc and Mary Rubenstein in 1994 and it occupies a large building that once housed an ice cream factory.  The brick building has an industrial vibe on the outside but walk into the tasting room, and you feel like you’re inside the safe and friendly confines of a friend’s basement, ready to drink beer and relax.

The tasting room is where most guests convene and its many charms include a fireplace, picnic table seating as well as more traditional round and square wooden tables, and board games for entertainment. Middle Ages Brewing has outdoor seating, too, and while they don’t serve any food of their own, it is common to find food trucks on site.

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