America’s craft beer industry is a relatively young industry and a varied lot. You have breweries that are veterans in their own right even though they have been around fewer than ten years. You have breweries that are newer but have ambition and determination to rise to the top. You also have breweries that decide to go for the niche market, specializing in a specific type of beer. For my final brewery visit in the west Central New York region, I decided to go for a brewery that is fresh and new and that also happens to serve a specific niche. The brewing operation is Buried Acorn Brewing, located at 881 Van Rensselaer Street in Syracuse, New York .

Store it For Later

Buried Acorn Brewing specializes in Barrel- Aged Sours and Farmhouse ales and so its name does tie in loosely with the brewery’s niche, which is storing certain beers for later consumption. The brewery likes to showcase wild ales and sours and guests can expect to find some far- out brews on tap when they visit.

The inside of Buried Acorn Brewing features a small tasting room/bar complete with televisions and board games for entertainment. The brewery doesn’t have a kitchen of its own, but it is common to find food trucks on site and guests are welcome to bring food from the outside.

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