Utica, N.Y. – The F.X. Matt Brewing Co., brewer of Saranac’s craft beers and soft drinks, is introducing an alcoholic seltzer, Saranac Green Tea Spiked Seltzer today. Positioned as “Green Tea Good”, Saranac Green Tea Spiked Seltzer offers consumers a new alternative within the fast growing seltzer category. Saranac Green Tea Spiked Seltzer is available in the three most popular tea flavors: Lemon, Peach Mango, and Raspberry and is only 100 calories, 4.5 ABV, with only 2 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving. Green Tea Spiked Seltzer is also naturally gluten free.

Fred Matt, President of the F.X. Matt Brewing Co. commented “We’ve found a way to trump the seltzer category; there’s nothing like ours available in the market today.” The addition of green tea was due to extensive market research. Matt stated, “It was a natural fit to add green tea to spiked seltzer once our research found a 81% overlap in green tea and seltzer drinkers”. Matt also noted that the brewery received overwhelming support from the public for the idea. “Our brewmaster notes that the green tea leaves we use for our spiked seltzer are 100% natural real green tea sourced from the far east, providing a crisp flavor that smooths out the carbonation making it great tasting and refreshingly drinkable.

F.X. Matt is uniquely qualified to enter the spiked/hard seltzer category having been the original producer of the category creator, Spiked Seltzer (now Bon & Viv) until it was sold to Anheuser-Busch.

Saranac’s Green Tea Spiked Seltzer launch is amidst a continued rise in the spiked/hard seltzer segment. The segment grew more than 200 percent in 2019, with more than $500 million in sales and is expected to grow +100% in 2020, according to Nielsen research. Many breweries are entering the market, each trying to find a way to stand out from the rest. Saranac has created a distinctive, highly differentiated new entry by appealing to those leaning towards more healthy lifestyles.

Saranac’s Green Tea Spiked Seltzer will be available in all of the company’s distribution network throughout New York State and will be sold in a variety 12 pack including Peach Mango, Raspberry and Lemon.