America overflows with delicious, hand- crafted, small batch beer. The number of breweries is at its highest point in American history and while the bulk of these breweries are less than five years of age, there are some that date back many decades or even further, offering a glimpse into the American past and its sometimes uneasy relationship with fermented drink. A good example of an historic brewery that wears its past on its sleeve is FX Matt Brewing, located at 811 Edward Street in Utica, New York.

Brew Central New York

FX Matt Brewery, or Saranac Brewing as it is commonly called, is a large brewery with a rich history. The brewery dates back more than 130 years and has passed through several hands of family ownership since Francis Xavier Matt brewed his first batch of beer in 1888.

Saranac Brewing utilizes a 500 (!) barrel brewing system and brews around half a million barrels of beer each year. The large capacity has resulted in a good amount of contract brewing for other breweries. The FX Matt family includes the Saranac line of beers plus Utica Club, Jeds, and even its own line of soft drinks. The beer brewed under the Saranac banner is distributed to approximately 15 states.

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