The 12th annual John J. and Wilma B. Sinnott Conservation Award was presented to the F. X. Matt Brewing Co. to recognize its Anaerobic Digester Project. The award, given in memory of John and Wilma Sinnott, was established in conjunction with the Utica Zoological Society.

In early 2012, the Brewery launched the building of their Anaerobic Digester Project, which cleans up their wastewater and ultimately generates 30-40 percent of their total electricity. The digester takes the bio content in the Brewery’s wastewater, digests it into methane gas, pumps that methane gas into a generator, and that generator outputs electricity. Through this process the digester also cleans up the wastewater load about 80-90 percent, making it easier on the city sewer system.

This award recognizes local efforts that show dedication to the preservation of the Earth’s wildlife and natural resources. Andria Heath, executive director of the Zoo, said, “The Utica Zoo mission is centered around the importance of conservation and we are honored to partner with the Sinnott family in recognizing worthy honorees over the years.”