Rockwood Ferry @ Cyber Cafe West

176 Main St.
Binghamton, New York 13905

Rockwood Ferry is the name of singer-songwriter Tenzin Chopak’s projects and ensemble. Reviewers have referred to his music as “progressive chamber folk”, while audiences and critics have praised performances as “incandescent”, “mesmerizing”, “transcendent”, and “stunningly beautiful”.

They seemed to come out of nowhere in 2012, and within two months had the rapt attention of the renowned music scene in Ithaca, NY, packing houses whenever and wherever they played. This was due in no small part to the fact that Tenzin Chopak, a totally unknown and under the radar singer songwriter who hadn’t performed live in years, had managed to attract some of the most accomplished and legendary musicians in the whole region to join his ensemble. People were intrigued, and then they were astounded. Tenzin presented his work beyond genre with something akin to pure theater, evoking the primal feeling and texture of universality that is present in roots traditions, yet with a charged vulnerability and intimacy in both his dynamic musicality and elegant lyricism. Since their inception, Tenzin and his spectacular labor pool have released two albums and genuinely startled audiences over and over again with the beauty of their music and the overwhelming intensity of their live shows.