Jazz Trio @ Cyber Cafe West

176 Main St.
Binghamton, New York 13905

Pianist/keyboardist, composer and arranger Isamu McGregor brings his trio to the cafe stage. Here are some blurbs about this extremely talented performer:

“Isamu McGregor is a jazz pianist and keyboard player of the first order. His site has some funky fusion and some more straight-ahead material, all with some out there blowing, and a rhythmically sophisticated approach. Harmonies feature a lot of quartal chords and altered dominants giving him a Herbie Hancock feel, but he’s a real individual. Simply superb.”

“[Isamu] has a broad palate of musical directions at his disposal. Whether acoustic swing, electric or free, he has a wonderful sound and vision…He is a pianist for the new generation.”
Tony Moreno

“A bright talent, and a name from whom we’re sure to hear a lot more.”
All About Jazz

“It is a joy to listen to and watch Isamu make music. His musical gifts bring the music he plays to life and fills it with contagious enthusiam.”
Greg Burk

“McGregor’s ability to move convincingly between acoustic and electric keyboards ensures that he’s routinely compared to Chick Corea, and such is his skill and technique (classically trained, jazz honed) that the analogy is not entirely fanciful.”