Febtoberfest with Fritz’s Polka Band at CCBC

Copper City Brewing Company of Rome, NY 1111 Oneida St, Rome, New York 13440

Our Oktoberfest with Fritz’s Polka Band was such a huge success, we’ve decided to create a brand new holiday just to host them again. This one is Febtoberfest and will take place on Sat., Feb.17 at your favorite Rome brewery. The band will perform from 6-9 pm that night.

For the unfamiliar, FPB is not your typical Polka band. Yes, they play traditional Polkas, but they also play a bevy of classic rock tunes using Polka band instrumentation.

FPB is the only Polka band to ever play an official Woodstock event (Woodstock ’99 in Rome) and has been nominated multiple times for awards at the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame. They draw huge crowds wherever they play and leave the uninitiated with a different feeling for the music they champion.

Join us for a special winter edition of Oktoberfest down on the East Side. It’s going to be a blast.