Chris Cernak @ Cyber Cafe West

176 Main St.
Binghamton, New York 13905

“Unlike a lot of stripped-down singer/songwriters who can be monotonous, Cernak manages to not only hold the listener’s interest, but to keep them fully engaged. Part of it is deft use of varied tempos and the other is that Cernak is also a strong songwriter who uses blunt language to effectively convey blunt feelings: sadness, regret, longing and hope.” -Michael Coleman, On Tap Magazine

Chris has a unique sound that is all his own, and has recently released his second studio album Free, The EP which features his new band. With a few years of regional/national tours under his belt as well as a consistent local schedule Chris has been steadily building a following , and pedaling his way back into a career that was once a dream come true.

Whether it’s a house concert, club show, or bar gig he is comfortable in any musical situation and has built a reputation for his set list of re-arranged cover tunes as well as his thought catchy, thought-provoking originals.

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