Belgium Comes to Cooperstown @ Brewery Ommegang

NY, New York 13326

Belgium comes to Cooperstown, or “BCTC,” is our annual summer beer fest celebrating (and sampling) the best in Belgian and Belgian-style beers. Since its inaugural in 1999, BCTC has grown from a modest gathering to a full-fledged festival with weekend camping; staged live music; a 700 person VIP dinner; cooking competitions and showcases; receptions and lectures. Over 75 breweries from around the world participate with more than 2,500 guests attending.

The theme of BCTC has added a playful background to the event and provided guests the added fun of identifying all of the little jokes and accents integrated into the event.

VIP and General Admission tickets for BCTC (Aug 7-9, 2015) go on sale April 1st.

For more information visit their site!