Abby Payne @ Cyber Cafe West

176 Main St.
Binghamton, New York 13905

Abby Payne is a singer/songwriter who is enchanted by words and their relationship to music. Her songs are insightful and poetic, yet they possess a hard edge that rocks. Her style is simple yet outside the box (despite the title of her recent release “In a Pretty Box.”). At first listen, her music is pleasant and interesting. Delving deeper, you discover many layers and clever contradictions that are perhaps representative of life itself. Payne studied piano and flute as a child and grew up singing constantly. She received a degree in jazz studies from SUNY Purchase, and has been performing in New York and other various locations around the country ever since. Her songs are featured in the films “A Four Letter Word” and “Between Love and Goodbye.” She has recorded with Gary “The Dreamweaver” Wright and the great bassist Jimmy Haslip in Los Angeles, and is currently promoting her new album “In a Pretty Box” (available on iTunes and at She performs regularly with her band: bassist Chris Anderson, drummer Kenny Shaw, and keyboardist JP Schlegelmilch.