4,000th Show @ Cyber Cafe West

176 Main St.
Binghamton, New York 13905

For over 10 years, Monkeys Typing  jammed every Thursday at Cyber.  In that time, they developed a sometimes telepathic connection with the music.  Making left turns down new musical pathways, and always keeping the music fresh and surprising.  In over a year, Monkeys Typing has only been together for one short set back in July.  The original members are getting together one more time to mark Cyber’s 4000 performance (after all they were over 10% of them).  Please join us for this special night.

Monkeys Typing played about 10 percent of those 4,000 shows before the fairly permanent hiatus.  I am looking forward to a reunion party marking this milestone.  In those 4,000 shows we have had numerous Grammy-nominated performers.  We have had folks who have played Madison Square Garden.  We have had at least two performers who appeared on Star Trek.  We have had the Fiddling Poet of Alaska.  Too many to count, well I guess we did actually count …