Empire Farm Brewery: Malt Beverage Wonderment in Central New York

(Great Beer Now)

Life sometimes presents the unexpected. There are those unanticipated events that wreak havoc on one’s day, leading to confusion, disarray, and often requiring an abrupt change of plans. But there are some unexpected events that enhance the moment, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary and even resulting in lasting, unforgettable memories. A perfect example of the latter is Empire Farm Brewery, located at 33 Rippleton Rd in Cazenovia, New York.

Rural Rendezvous

Empire Farm Brewery is a country brewery with a large presence. The building that houses the complex contains 40,000 square feet of space and a 60 barrel brewhouse. The facility and large parking lot are situated on 22 acres of farmland and with a presence this profound, the brewery is impossible to miss.

Empire Farm originally started as a brewpub in Syracuse in 1994 before opening the Cazenovia location in 2016. The farm here in Cazenovia is being cultivated to produce barley, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and hops. Once in full swing, the farm will produce many of the ingredients needed to brew the beer.

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