Saturday May 30th was humid and sunny, calling for rain but only a few clouds in the sky. At the F.X. Matt Brewery big white tents were raised and the humming of the band Last Left could be heard in every surrounding parking lot. The Craft New York Brewer’s Roots Festival was in full swing!

A VIP ticket allowed you through the gates at 4 pm as well as a 5-ounce souvenir tasting glass, specialty beers were offered and the lines were short. A set up almost like the Breweries coveted Saranac Thursdays was laid out on the left hand side of the lot; with large white tents housing all 50+ breweries and their representatives.  Everyone was all smiles and more than happy to inform you on each beers flavoring, abv % (alcohol by volume) and of course what they would recommend you try. Once 5 pm rolled around the spirits were high and the general public were allowed entrance into the event, the gates were flooded with craft beer lovers from all around Central New York. The local bar Lukin’s was serving up slices, and Phil Farda with Comedy Central New York had his live podcast streaming on with Matt Matthew Masur on You Should Be Here. Last Left played until the evening came to an end, with only a small shower mid-way through the night!

We at Oneida County Tourism are in partner with the Brew Central campaign ( we’ve highlighted on this in a different blog post which you can read here: it was a pleasure to see many of our partners participating in such a large event, somewhere that will allow them to network with other breweries as well as getting their product noticed by a large Central New York audience. We can only hope to be a part of more events such as the Roots Festival in the future.

Remember when you’re going to pick up your favorite 6-pack of brews to check out the vast selection of locally made craft beers in nearly every convenient store, gas station and liquor store in New York State. Every purchase helps keep these family owned businesses up in running, allowing them to make new and even better products for you in the future. Buy local, support local, and shop small!