Cooperstown, New York is a popular travel destination for Major League Baseball fans, many of whom cannot wait to walk through the exhibits at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and pay their respects to the greatest players in the history of the sport. The theme of baseball is, naturally, an important part of the local culture in Cooperstown, and it extends to many other businesses, among them beer. There happens to be a brewery in the area that uses baseball as its theme and that brewery is simply named Cooperstown Brewing, located at 110 River Street in Milford, New York.

Baseball and Beer

Cooperstown Brewing is located just minutes south of its namesake city. It features a large, stand- alone building and from the outside looks more impressive than the typical craft brewery.

Walking through the main entrance, guests will find themselves inside the main taproom. In this room, it is pretty much standing room only, as there are very few seats. If you want to sit, you will likely need to head to the back room or outside, where picnic tables await. The backroom has cornhole and other games to play.

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