Cooperstown, New York is a city synonymous with Major League Baseball. Ask any MLB fan to name places he/she would like to visit at least once in their lifetime, and you can bet that the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum will rank somewhere in the top five. But as I learned on my visit to this storied village in Central new York, Cooperstown has many other things going for it besides base hits and home runs and one of them is beer. And at the pinnacle of Cooperstown’s craft beer scene is a brewing operation known the nation over. It’s Brewery Ommegang, located at 656 County Hwy 33, Cooperstown, New York.

Belgian Background

Brewery Ommegang specializes in Belgian- style beer. Opened in 1997, Ommegang was founded by Don Feinberg, Wendy Littlefield, and three different Belgian breweries, one of which happened to be Duvel Moorgat. The brewery grew quickly as craft beer fans across the United States developed a deep appreciation for Ommegang’s yeasty brews. The quick growth and other factors led to Ommegang’s complete takeover by Duvel Moortgat Brewing in 2003.

Brewery Ommegang features a large, rural style building that looks like a farm and there is much open space, which they often use during the warmer times of the year for live concerts and other events. The brewery utilizes a 60 barrel system and they package in both bottles and cans. They had been outsourcing the more recent move to canning, but they will be doing their own canning going forward.

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