(12/11/17 – Great Beer Now) Beer tourism is on the move. With so many craft breweries dotting the American landscape, more and more individuals and families are organizing their vacation plans to include brewery visits, craft beer festivals, and other beer-related entertainment and education. One area of the nation that needs to be on the radar of anyone planning a beer-centric vacation is the central New York region. Known as Brew Central, this area of the Empire State is rich in craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries and carries with it a rich tradition just waiting to be explored.

Brew Central is the Place

Where, exactly, is this region known as Brew Central? Well, it is in the east central section of New York and corresponds roughly to the triangle formed by Syracuse, Albany, and Binghamton. Home to such notable, established breweries as Ommegang and Saranac as well as newer breweries like Water Street Brewing and Willow Rock, Central New York is one of the nation’s up- and- coming beer destinations.

More than Beer

Visiting breweries might be at the forefront of your vacation travel plans, but Brew Central is much more than a place to find artisanal beer. This region of New York is also an excellent place to visit the nation’s finest wineries, some of which date back many decades and have been family- owned and operated through multiple generations. Cherry Knoll Farm, which specializes in blueberry wine and has been producing wines of distinction for several decades calls this area its home while Prospect Falls Winery, founded in 2014, presents an approach that is modern and fresh.

Along with the breweries and wineries, Brew Central is home to several cideries and distilleries. Fly Creek Cider Mill and Orchard presents a rich and historic past and will resonate well with history buffs as well as those who appreciate a glass of finely crafted cider. And if a visit to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is on your bucket list, why not include a stop at the Cooperstown Distillery? It’s the perfect stopover before or after paying homage to the men who helped perfect America’s national pastime.

Plan Your Trip

Brew Central is an excellent craft beer destination. With more than 40 breweries calling this area home, including the likes of heavy- hitters such as Brewery Ommegang and Saranac, Brew Central is perfect for a beercation getaway. Add to that the historic wineries, cideries, meaderies, and distilleries in the area and you have all the makings of an adult beverage tourist destination just waiting to be discovered.

Craft beer is on the rise. Localities across the land are discovering craft beer, opening new breweries, organizing beer festivals, and otherwise celebrating the freshness and the pride that comes with locally owned and locally sourced craft breweries. Brew Central is a region where the pride of craft beer comes alive and it makes a great choice as a travel destination. For more information about the breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries that call this region their home, visit Brew Central online. And to keep up via social media, be sure to follow Brew Central on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.