Brew Central Partners Switch Up Their Craft for a Cause

Brew Central, normally known as “America’s Craft Brew Destination,” is changing the game. Many partners have tied on their hero capes and are working hard to make a difference. By switching up their normal craft to creating hand sanitizer, you could say they are putting in all their efforts to help the communities that surround them. These Brew Central partners, that come from all parts of Central New York, are making a difference.

1911 Distillery in Lafayette, New York, has converted 100 percent of their distillery to produce and increase their production of hand sanitizer.

Cooperstown Distillery in Cooperstown, New York, is a beloved distillery in Otsego County. They have been giving their version of hand sanitizer away for free.

Kymar Farm Distillery of Charlotteville, New York, has been partnering with other local brewing companies to create and expand their hand sanitizer production.

Old Home Distillers in Lebanon, New York, is another distillery that has started to create hand sanitizer. They have created a 70 percent alcohol-by-volume, corn-based hand sanitizer. They also have joined together with other distillers to provide industrial alcohol for the front-line institutions.

Waterman’s Distillery of Apalachin, New York, also jumped on production of hand sanitizer. They have been handing out a free bottle of hand sanitizer with every purchase of a take-out order.

All of these Brew Central Partners are having positive impact in the community. Though we miss sitting down at a taproom and enjoying our mixed drinks, beers and wines, we patiently wait for the return once the pandemic is over!