1911 Spirits brand vodka, produced at Beak & Skiff Apple Farms in LaFayette, is about to take a voyage around the world. Several voyages, in fact.

The vodka, produced from apples, will be the first craft-distilled spirit to be sold in on board ships belonging to Celebrity, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruise lines, said Beak & Skiff’s Danielle Fleckenstein. Craft-distilled spirits are made by small producers, usually in small batches.

Michelle Gabel | The Post-Standard

“We’d heard from some people in the cruise industry that they were in the market for some craft distilleries,” Fleckenstein said. “So we sent them some samples.”

Beak & Skiff has been making its vodka since 2009, and began producing gin earlier this year. The still, under the direction of Steve Morse, is housed in its own tasting room at 4472 Route 20, about five miles west of Interstate 81. Morse makes and sells hard cider and apple wine in a separate space (across the road from the separate building where Morse makes and sells Beak & Skiff’s hard cider).

The vodka and gin are made from apples, but don’t have a distinctive apple aroma or flavor — though there are some undertones of apple and caramel if you look for them. They are made for sipping as well for mixing in cocktails.