Sahm Brewing Co.

Sahm Brewing Company is a one barrel brewing company in Syracuse, NY that will explore all styles of beer.

Craft brewery taking a Cicerone’s approach to brewing beer and always respecting the craft.

1857 Spirits

Elias Barber doesn’t care for vodka. So, the distilled spirit he creates from the family farm’s potatoes must be pretty damn good.

His 1857 Spirits distillery is a marriage of his penchant for academic rigor developed at Cornell University as an agricultural science major and his family’s 160-year legacy at Barber’s Farm more so than the product itself.

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A member of the sixth generation to operate the farm, Barber wanted to contribute to that legacy. All the pieces happened to be there, right down to the water they draw from a natural spring on the property.

Over the many, many years, Barber’s has grown numerous crops from hay to corn. Potatoes became a staple in the 1940s, when Barber’s grandfather first planted them as part of a 4-H project associated with the local high school.

The Schoharie Valley was once known as the Breadbasket of the American Revolution, providing critical sustenance for George Washington’s army. The topsoil, estimated to be about 10 feet deep remains remarkably fertile all these centuries later.

Traditionally a bland vegetable requiring accoutrements at the kitchen table, Barber’s Farm spuds give 1857 vodka a creamy sweetness and floral aroma.

Armed with this exceptional natural resource and love of learning, Barber dove into the art of distilling. It’s his consistent drive to improve and persistent pursuit of perfection that makes it beverage worthy of his own palate.

One of the few potato vodka makers in the country, it’s appealing to the tastes of many others as well. Barber has plenty of plans to expand his line to gin and beyond while also upping production in the coming years and, likely, for future generations on Barber’s Farm.

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Copper City Brewing Co.

On a recent Tuesday, the first Copper City Brewing Co. patron was an 87-year-old man who stops in every week. He loves hops, a conversion Danny Frieden witnessed right at his bar.

It’s experiences like these that give Frieden and his partner Eric Daniels the confidence they’re on the right track with their lineup of mostly classic craft styles. It’s the community they’ve built inside their copper-clad confines that assures this brewery is bringing his neighborhood in Rome, New York, back.

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What is today known as Revere Copper Products put its stamp on Rome many decades ago, placing this small city on the map as a metal manufacturer.

Copper City Brewing snatched up the name as a tribute to not only Rome’s rich cultural history – the Erie Canal runs right through town – but it’s notable past in brewing. At its Canal-era peak in the 1850s, Rome was home to about a dozen breweries. Like so many others across the nation, they gradually faded away and disappeared during Prohibition.

Frieden became a business owner under the premise that one person can make a difference in the community. In this case, it’s two people, along with Frieden’s wife, Lori, who chose beer as a driver to revive a proud town.

It’s the social aspect of the beverage that continuously renews his commitment to his product daily. Pints tend to bring smiles to people’s faces, no matter their age, occupation or any other label they may have outside these doors.

Every day, Frieden watches and listens as folks in their 80s converse with people half their age who frequently chat with people half their age and everywhere in between. Beer brings people together.

Daniels can verify the same interactions from behind the glass that separates the brewery from the taproom. His day job as an engineer fuels his fascination with the beer-making process and constantly improving his craft.

The Copper City trio joins a slew of brewers that have been popping up around their stretch of the New York Thruway, Utica among them. Frieden calls the Heart of New York Beverage Trail a “brotherhood of good times.” And rightfully so, as they all share the sentiment that beer building community.

Frieden describes copper the metal is clean, bright and stands the test of time. The passion of the people behind Copper City the beer strive to give their brews those same attributes.

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Beer Tree Brew Co.

The main focus of Beer Tree Brew Co.’s beer menu is to highlight local ingredients, specifically hop forward beers that showcase hops sourced from Willet Hop & Grain. In addition, Beer Tree Brew offers a variety of local farm goods and products for sampling and purchasing.

At Beer Tree Brew Co. you will find a light and fun atmosphere with plenty of opportunity to enjoy some of NYS’s finest farm products.

Micieli’s Comfort Dining

Casual comfort dining for all to enjoy! Lunch 11-4, Diner 4-9. 16 taps and live music on weekends. Kids eat free (rules) apply. Private banquet room and outdoor patio available. We specialize in sandwiches, hand cut steaks, fresh seafood, clams & beer served in a fun atmosphere!

Humble Harvest Brewing Co.

Humble Harvest Brewing Co., located in Nelson, New York, is a 100 percent independent small farm brewery that uses New York state-grown ingredients. Focusing on utilizing New York state’s finest, the brewery concocts some delicious ales. Specializing in American- and English-style ales, Humble Harvest offers anything from blonde ales, IPAs and even a British mild.

Owner Jim Corey has been planning the brewery for years in the making. He uses a three-barrel brewing system that supplies a small tasting room where visitors can try samples and buy beer by the pint.

The unique logo stands for so much more than just a hardworking bumblebee. Metaphorically, it represents a small, humble brewery that prides itself on producing excellent ales, three barrels at a time. The hop cone element stands for the brewery’s love and respect for hops as they contribute to the bitterness, aroma and overall taste to all of its ales.

Bullthistle Brewing Co.

Brad Taft, Amelia Jeffery and Charles Anderson are the proud owners of Chenango County’s first modern brewery. The first-ever brewery in Sherburne, Bullthistle Brewing is a place for people to enjoy locally brewed beverages in a relaxing atmosphere.

Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, the brewery offers a taproom with a variety of flatbreads, salads, sandwiches and appetizers. Beer is for sale by the pint in the taproom and in growlers to go.

Imperfectly Perfect Porter, Tall Dark & Tasty Stout, Amber Ale and Scottish 80 Shilling Expert Ale are only a taste of what there is to try at Bullthistle.

16 Stone Brewpub

6 Stone Brewpub is the Mohawk Valley’s newest entry into the fast-growing world of microbrewing. Located along the Heart of New York Beverage Trail, 16 Stone Brewpub occupies the old Butterfield House on Main Street in Holland Patent. Brewpub co-owner and kitchen manager Eric Constable, along with members of his family, says the new brewpub represents an exciting mix of historic flavor and a hip, trendy environment. “16 Stone Brewpub is the culmination of our Butterfield House restoration project”, Constable says. “The building is now called The Manor. What used to be a hotel and restaurant, and later apartments, has been completely renovated and restored to its (nearly) original state, complete with the original hand-carved wooden bar from the Butterfield House.” The Manor now serves as a centerpiece to the Village of Holland Patent, housing the brewpub along with a banquet facility, Cape and Cup Cafe and Zennergy Studios.

The brewpub serves a wide range of 16 Stone signature brews, as well as local favorites, including ciders.

For those who like to pair their microbrews with delicious food, 16 Stone Brewpub also offers a variety of pub food, including flatbread pizzas, burgers, perogies and gourmet hot dogs. During the Grand Opening of the brewpub, which coincides with 16 Stone’s popular “Weenie Wednesday” event, Constable says they’ll host a complimentary build-your-own gourmet hot dog bar with a social media “sharing station”. “We’re excited to be brewing our own beer, and we’re excited to share it with everyone.”

16 Stone’s brewmaster is Holland Patent resident Randy Vitullo. Vitullo has been brewing for more than 20 years after taking a five-week trip to Europe. A former chemistry teacher, Vitullo maintains 16 beers on-tap in his own home at all times. His expertise was a perfect match for the Constables, who have always felt that closer to home is better.

Rogers’ Cideryard

At Rogers Family Orchard in Johnstown, the groves stretch in beautiful rows and gently fade into the edge of the woods colors especially bright against a gray fall sky. The sight of the gnarly apple trees illustrates a great upstate New York tradition for visitors and passersby.

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Some of the trees here have been around for more than 100 years. Mitch Rogers has been here as long as he can remember.

As the third generation to occupy the property, the late 20-something wanted to stay in a meaningful way. So, he tapped into tradition to try something new.

Well-known to locals and agritourists as a place to purchase and pick premium fruit, Rogers’ family farm recently expanded into an emerging market based on a very old-school trade.

Rogers’ Cideryard is dedicated to the drink of the hard variety, a popular beverage in Colonial times, a large part of the pioneer-era upstate economy and a growing interest among craft brew connoisseurs today.

Despite its newness to the craft beverage scene, hard cider making is a big part of brew history here in Central New York. The majority of Rogers’ customers are curious beer drinkers, but some reminisce about grandpa’s barrels in the basement or dad’s stash in the shed.

Rogers was introduced at the age of 9 or 10 by a family friend. At that time, he was a helper, not a drinker. But, the time spent hauling barrels and bottles around and witnessing the process grew a fascination you can taste in Rogers’ beverages today.

He brews with apples you’d ignore at the store – his ingredients are small, tart and occasionally feature fungus. Rogers explains that each has a uniqueness that produces even more remarkable flavors when blended.

It’s the science, nature and tradition that keeps him combining. He’s grown a greater appreciation for planting, growing and brewing as he continuously learns and occasionally experiments.

Despite the youth of his body and enterprise, he has already added his own legacy to the farm as 130 trees producing eight cider-specific varietals are just taking root. Likewise, Rogers is just getting started.

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Stump City Brewing


Cream, red and pale. The gentlemen behind Stump City Brewing Co. will tell you just make beer.

It’s a philosophy as humble as their surroundings: a barn-like structure located behind co-founder Matt Sherman’s house. Along with his brother, Nicholas, father Jerry, and close friend Casey Oare, Matt built Stump City from the ground up with their own hands and those of many neighbors, friends and family willing to help.

Reclaimed wood floors, ceilings covered in scrap metal and the built-from-scratch bar provide the shelter for an intimate taproom that springs to life on the weekends when they are open.

They don’t just make beer here, though. Stump City is much bigger than its homebrew-grade one-barrel system or its space. They build community here.

It’s a community that’s not a necessarily a craft-focused crowd. They come – typically by word of mouth – for the connections that occur while the pints are flowing. There are plenty of conversation pieces strewn throughout – and a story behind nearly every one of them.

One patron chiseled the brewery’s logo into a wood disc sliced from a stump, appropriate enough. Another dropped off an original carving. Still another crafted some swag in the form of buttons. The place is filled with artifacts from Gloversville’s glory days courtesy of the Fulton County Museum.

Those items chronicle a past that revolved around leather, namely gloves. Stump City was a small portion of town not too far from the present-day brewery where timber was harvested for tanning to a drastic extent.

The Shermans chose the name as a nod to the past, but carry out a business plan that ultimately revives local pride. The idea here is that it’s only proper to drink beer from your own community.

The hops come from down the road and the malt comes fresh from less than 90 minutes away. Stump City spins the ingredients into simple ales as they receive them.

It’s substance over style here. The core cream, red and pale ales are fresh and always on tap. It’s intended for a blue-collar crowd, but it’s just as enjoyable for the connoisseur.

It’s just good beer crafted for a great community.

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Full Boar Craft Brewery and Tap Room

Full Boar was started by two friends just looking for an excuse to hang out and enjoy a beer or two. Our brewer has been home brewing since the early 90’s, and has developed his recipes over the years. We are a NY Farm brewery and a tap room offering our beers, beer and cider from other NY State Farm Breweries. We wanted to show case all of the amazing beer options made in New York. We don not offer food at this time but feel free to bring in your own or have it delivered from a number of other local restaurants.

All Who Wander

Classic grilled cheese with a twist, and the finest craft beers, seasonal cocktails, wines, kombucha, and nitro coffee to wash ’em down.

IBU Brewing

Mike began brewing in 2002 under the guidance of Saul Kleinberg, owner of the new Griffin Hill Farm Brewery, in Onondaga, New York. He instantly fell in love with the art of the brewing and brewed constantly, while he wasn’t working his day job, as an engineer.

He began to seek out information about how to improve his process as a homebrewer, as his training had drilled into him. He could only find books available to him, mostly dull and dry. He longed for classes which would teach him a using hands-on approach. This is where the idea for IBU Brewing was born.

Mike wanted to offer homebrewers the opportunity to learn about the process of homebrewing with other people in a hands-on atmosphere, from experts in each discipline. He wanted to introduce people to the art of homebrewing without the commitment to purchase the equipment first.

His wife, Lauren, encouraged him to open the brewery after years of dreaming. Mike apprentised on the Gordon Biersch system to learn professional brewing and built a lasting friendship with many brewers and other people in the industry.

Foothill Hops

Founded in 2001, Foothill Hops has been providing hops to home brewers and small breweries for many years. When home brewers came looking for grains and equipment, we decided to open a home brewing shop. Our gift shop has evolved into a specialty foods store with a focus on local products. We are especially proud of our expanding line of specialty food products. We are also working on a new dream of having our own mini-nano brewery. Watch that evolve over the next several months.

In 2010, Empire Brewing Company began using our Cascade hops in the Empire State Pale Ale, the first all NYS Hops beer on tap year round. When Good Nature Brewing Company started using our hops in their signature beers in 2012, we were happy to see that our longstanding goal of NYS labeled beers and farm breweries was finally underway.

DikinDurt Distillery

The dream for DikinDurt Distillery began one starry fall night in Herkimer, New York with two friends, Eric and Beth, over a back yard fire and a bottle of whiskey. That blazing fire ignighted their imaginations and their passion for great whiskey. It’s how DikinDurt began. After two long years of planning and lots of hard work their dream became a reality.

DikinDurt has opened as the first distillery in Herkimer County. We’re proud to be the first to bring local moonshine to the Mohawk Valley. DikinDurt Mohawk Valley Moonshine is availabe through liquor stores. Many bars have it on the shelves as well if you would like to try a taste. See our available locations page for a list of locations where Mohawk Valley Moonshine is in stock. YOU’RE GONNA LIKE THE WAY YOU FEEL! (It’s our slogan for a reason).