Scrumpy Eew Cider

Scrumpy Eew makes their ciders akin to a fine wine, in laboratory-like controlled setting. A juice that is bright, clean, complex and acidic, pitched with a champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks at specific temperatures, lightly filtered and bottle conditioned. They also make ciders in the age-old farmhouse tradition – where wild yeasts work in tandem with brettanomyces stains. In these ciders, nature does most of the work as its slow ferments in our French and American white oak barrels. These unfiltered Scrumpy ciders appeal to the farmhouse crowd who doesn’t mind getting their taste buds a bit dirty!

Regardless of the cider making method they employ in a given batch, one thing is for certain: Scrumpy ciders come from unique, individually-picked, New York State grown apples. Never from concentrate. Each batch is pressed, fermented, painstakingly-blended, aged and bottled with care. They are made once a year, each batch with their own unique characteristics based on season, the cider varieties and style of fermentation used.

Open: Saturdays 11-5pm, starting May 12th.