Humble Harvest Brewing Co.

Humble Harvest Brewing Co., located in Nelson, New York, is a 100 percent independent small farm brewery that uses New York state-grown ingredients. Focusing on utilizing New York state’s finest, the brewery concocts some delicious ales. Specializing in American- and English-style ales, Humble Harvest offers anything from blonde ales, IPAs and even a British mild.

Owner Jim Corey has been planning the brewery for years in the making. He uses a three-barrel brewing system that supplies a small tasting room where visitors can try samples and buy beer by the pint.

The unique logo stands for so much more than just a hardworking bumblebee. Metaphorically, it represents a small, humble brewery that prides itself on producing excellent ales, three barrels at a time. The hop cone element stands for the brewery’s love and respect for hops as they contribute to the bitterness, aroma and overall taste to all of its ales.