Good Nature Brewing Tap Room

Good Nature IngredientsMatt Whalen and Carrie Blackmore believe people care more about a product they’re connected to.

Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room uses local ingredients in its “farm to glass” beer to give a sense of ownership to their fans. That commitment has built a community around Good Nature and upped the capacity of the brewery 10-fold in just about a year.

Whalen’s background as a chef gives him an adventurous spirit and intense attention to detail when crafting his recipes. Good Nature produces a number of limited releases in addition to its core line.

In a way, every release is limited. But, that’s on purpose.

Everything’s done in-house, from corking their own bottles to delivering their own kegs.

Good Nature BrewersLike Whalen says, life’s too short for bad beer. So it’s important for this team of three – Marc Fishel is assistant brewer – to keep that personal touch.

Good Nature’s Tap Room in downtown Hamilton – offering pints of Good Nature brew as well as a few other local favorites – is open Tuesday through Saturday as well as some Sundays.