Humble Harvest Brewing Co.

Humble Harvest Brewing Co., located in Nelson, New York, is a 100 percent independent small farm brewery that uses New York state-grown ingredients. Focusing on utilizing New York state’s finest, the brewery concocts some delicious ales. Specializing in American- and English-style ales, Humble Harvest offers anything from blonde ales, IPAs and even a British mild.

Owner Jim Corey has been planning the brewery for years in the making. He uses a three-barrel brewing system that supplies a small tasting room where visitors can try samples and buy beer by the pint.

The unique logo stands for so much more than just a hardworking bumblebee. Metaphorically, it represents a small, humble brewery that prides itself on producing excellent ales, three barrels at a time. The hop cone element stands for the brewery’s love and respect for hops as they contribute to the bitterness, aroma and overall taste to all of its ales.

Bullthistle Brewing Co.

Brad Taft, Amelia Jeffery and Charles Anderson are the proud owners of Chenango County’s first modern brewery. The first-ever brewery in Sherburne, Bullthistle Brewing is a place for people to enjoy locally brewed beverages in a relaxing atmosphere.

Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, the brewery offers a taproom with a variety of flatbreads, salads, sandwiches and appetizers. Beer is for sale by the pint in the taproom and in growlers to go.

Imperfectly Perfect Porter, Tall Dark & Tasty Stout, Amber Ale and Scottish 80 Shilling Expert Ale are only a taste of what there is to try at Bullthistle.

16 Stone Brewpub

6 Stone Brewpub is the Mohawk Valley’s newest entry into the fast-growing world of microbrewing. Located along the Heart of New York Beverage Trail, 16 Stone Brewpub occupies the old Butterfield House on Main Street in Holland Patent. Brewpub co-owner and kitchen manager Eric Constable, along with members of his family, says the new brewpub represents an exciting mix of historic flavor and a hip, trendy environment. “16 Stone Brewpub is the culmination of our Butterfield House restoration project”, Constable says. “The building is now called The Manor. What used to be a hotel and restaurant, and later apartments, has been completely renovated and restored to its (nearly) original state, complete with the original hand-carved wooden bar from the Butterfield House.” The Manor now serves as a centerpiece to the Village of Holland Patent, housing the brewpub along with a banquet facility, Cape and Cup Cafe and Zennergy Studios.

The brewpub serves a wide range of 16 Stone signature brews, as well as local favorites, including ciders.

For those who like to pair their microbrews with delicious food, 16 Stone Brewpub also offers a variety of pub food, including flatbread pizzas, burgers, perogies and gourmet hot dogs. During the Grand Opening of the brewpub, which coincides with 16 Stone’s popular “Weenie Wednesday” event, Constable says they’ll host a complimentary build-your-own gourmet hot dog bar with a social media “sharing station”. “We’re excited to be brewing our own beer, and we’re excited to share it with everyone.”

16 Stone’s brewmaster is Holland Patent resident Randy Vitullo. Vitullo has been brewing for more than 20 years after taking a five-week trip to Europe. A former chemistry teacher, Vitullo maintains 16 beers on-tap in his own home at all times. His expertise was a perfect match for the Constables, who have always felt that closer to home is better.

Stump City Brewing

Brewery with a passion for local products. Beverages are made with New York State grain and hops.

Full Boar Craft Brewery and Tap Room

Full Boar was started by two friends just looking for an excuse to hang out and enjoy a beer or two. Our brewer has been home brewing since the early 90’s, and has developed his recipes over the years. We are a NY Farm brewery and a tap room offering our beers, beer and cider from other NY State Farm Breweries. We wanted to show case all of the amazing beer options made in New York. We don not offer food at this time but feel free to bring in your own or have it delivered from a number of other local restaurants.

IBU Brewing

Mike began brewing in 2002 under the guidance of Saul Kleinberg, owner of the new Griffin Hill Farm Brewery, in Onondaga, New York. He instantly fell in love with the art of the brewing and brewed constantly, while he wasn’t working his day job, as an engineer.

He began to seek out information about how to improve his process as a homebrewer, as his training had drilled into him. He could only find books available to him, mostly dull and dry. He longed for classes which would teach him a using hands-on approach. This is where the idea for IBU Brewing was born.

Mike wanted to offer homebrewers the opportunity to learn about the process of homebrewing with other people in a hands-on atmosphere, from experts in each discipline. He wanted to introduce people to the art of homebrewing without the commitment to purchase the equipment first.

His wife, Lauren, encouraged him to open the brewery after years of dreaming. Mike apprentised on the Gordon Biersch system to learn professional brewing and built a lasting friendship with many brewers and other people in the industry.

Copper City Brewing Company


Copper City Brewing Co. is a farm brewery and tasting room located in Rome, New York. Co-founders Danny Frieden and Eric Daniels brew IPAs, stouts, porters, Belgians and blondes as well as specialty beers. Copper City also sells wine from local wineries and light fare such as cheese plates.

Foothill Hops

Founded in 2001, Foothill Hops has been providing hops to home brewers and small breweries for many years. When home brewers came looking for grains and equipment, we decided to open a home brewing shop. Our gift shop has evolved into a specialty foods store with a focus on local products. We are especially proud of our expanding line of specialty food products. We are also working on a new dream of having our own mini-nano brewery. Watch that evolve over the next several months.

In 2010, Empire Brewing Company began using our Cascade hops in the Empire State Pale Ale, the first all NYS Hops beer on tap year round. When Good Nature Brewing Company started using our hops in their signature beers in 2012, we were happy to see that our longstanding goal of NYS labeled beers and farm breweries was finally underway.

Griffin Hill Farm Brewery

Griffin Hill Farm Brewery is a hop farm and brewery-in-development located in the Town of Onondaga, NY, just a few miles south of Syracuse. Started in 2013, we grow thirteen varieties of hops on our family farm and craft beers in which they shine.

At Griffin Hill, our farm is our brewing landscape, providing both ingredients and inspiration. With a nod towards the history of hop growing in Central New York, we grow the highest quality hops using organic practices. From the hop yard… Ultra, Rakau, Columbus, Centennial, Liberty, Magnum, Perle, East Kent Golding, Fuggle, Cascade, Willamette, Chinook, and Newport. These new world and old world varieties provide us with an incredible array of aroma and flavor for brewing delicious farm-brewed beer.

Hops are not the only home-grown ingredient that helps Griffin Hill arrive at inspired farm-brewed beer. Our brewing landscape provides us with a little something sweet as well. Our woods are full of maple trees. In winter, while our hops are dormant, we collect sap from our maple trees. Griffin Hill’s Sap Series features beer brewed with maple sap in lieu of water.

Griffin Hill’s multi-generational family team is combining its talents to create truly local beer. We are thrilled to offer our beer for sale starting in 2016.

Griffin Rd., Onondaga Hill, NY 13215

Willow Rock Brewing Co.

Willow Rock-both-V

On Black Friday 2015 Willow Rock Brewing Co. opened its doors. Brewers and co-owners Rockney Roberts and Kevin Williams had stocked up on beers such as Batch 1, a crisp hoppy blonde ale; IPA (later to be named Secret); a brown ale named Jim; and a pale ale called Orange 44. With Kevin and Rockney’s years of brewing together, their partnership had crafted a flavor profile for clean, crisp, quality American ales.

Kevin and Rockney first met as a young hockey player and a zamboni driver at the Twin Rinks in Cicero, New York. Later, they became friends after coincidentally becoming college roommates. On time off from school, they traveled with friends along the East Coast, discovering great beers and breweries. Kevin was the lead man for selecting brewery destinations, while Rockney started crafting the brewery’s future flavor profile.

“When we began the process of opening up this business we wanted to differentiate ourselves from what was going on in Syracuse and get unique takes and ideas behind some classic styles,” Kevin says.

“We wanted to gain a solid knowledge of styles and then experiment from there,” Rockney says. “For instance, our Secret IPA blends techniques from West Coast, East Coast and Northeast-style IPAs to create an homage to all the different types of IPA made in America. There’s nothing inherently experimental about this, but when you start to make saisons with lavender and hibiscus, you’re branching out a little bit more.”

“There’s nothing inherently experimental about this, but when you start to make Saisons with lavender and hibiscus, you’re branching out a little bit more,” he adds.

Willow Rock-kev-glass

When Kevin received a brewing kit for Christmas one year, he quickly fell in love with brewing and started recruiting friends – Rockney quickly took up the hobby. From the beginning, they took the craft seriously, educating themselves about the details in creating high-quality beers and a brewery business. Kevin loved the process and the social aspect while Rockney dug into the science and creativity.

“One of my favorite things is seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they’ve tasted something they like,” Kevin says. “It may be corny, but it’s the end game of a great brew day and taking proper care of the entire process from start to finish.”

“Brewing is equal parts art and science and being able to creatively tap into both is the allure of being a brewer. There are thousands of unique and interesting herbs, spices, fruits and flavors just waiting to be folded into a good beer,” Rockney says. “For all the excellent brewers and beers out there, there’s still a lot of room for exploration and that’s very exciting.”

Willow Rock-foosball

In 2009, the drafts of their first business plan started to take shape. That year, Rockney met an audacious businessman in the Buffalo, New York, area, who starting planting hops for a farm that would eventually be harvested for the future brewery. In 2011, Kevin and Rockney traveled to Denver, Colorado, to purchase their three-barrel brewing system.

The next steps were the hardest, as the two brewers searched for a building.  In wasn’t until 2014 that they finally signed a lease for the 115 Game Road location in Syracuse, New York. With its glass-enclosed tasting room, anti-slip tiles, large floor drains and radiant solar heating, it was the ideal facility to start their brewery. The name Willow Rock manifested through Kevin’s last name, Williams, and Rockney’s first name.

“We want to help bring more great beer to Syracuse.  The dream of brewing is to make a quality product that people love to drink and that’s the goal we set for ourselves with every beer we make,” Rockney says.

“I wanted to share my craft and my passion with people.  I always loved brewing and sharing my beer with friends and family,” Kevin says. ” I wanted to take the next step, making something that I loved doing my profession and share it with more people.”

Willow Rock Brewing Company Sign

In the July 2016, the brewery started distributing kegs to local Syracuse bars and restaurants and as of August 2016, the brewery had been licensed for brewing for a full year and served 40-plus batches of its signature and seasonal brews.

“It’s such a great area to live in with so much character,” Kevin says. “It would be great when people think Willow Rock, they think Syracuse, and when people think Syracuse, they think Willow Rock.”

“Our overall goal is to be part of a great Syracuse beer scene and we’re just starting to find ourselves getting in the mix,” Rockney says. “We want Syracuse to become an East Coast destination for great beer.”

Willow Rock-rockney

Already looking to expand, Willow Rock Brewing Co. is following a well-worn path from local to regional brewery and the owners look forward to bringing packaged products to all corners of New York state.

“Brewing is about being creative and we want that to come through in our products,” says Rockney. “Every brewer is a beer drinker too and we want to push the envelope to make new and exciting beers alongside approachable interpretations of well-known favorable styles.”

Red Hawk Brewing

Belgian Style Ales crafted with the finest quality ingredients. Red Hawk Brewing is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery


The Fulton Chain Craft Brewery is a New York state farm brewery founded in 2014 by Justin Staskiewicz and Richard Mathy. Its goal is to use locally sourced ingredients to give its customers a truly Adirondack beer experience. With up to 10 different beers on tap, there is a great chance you are going to fall in love with at least one of them. Stop by for a pint and enjoy the brewery’s Adirondack tap room. Cheers!

Henneberg Brewing Co.


Henneberg Brewing Co. is a Farm Brewery that grows hops, barley, and malts their own barley. It doesn’t get much more local than that! I don’t have shiny equipment, I don’t have fancy investors, I’m a one person business, everything I use: I’ve built or made, I grow hops, I malt barley, I make my own tap handles, I grow many other ingredients for my beers, I make GREAT beer, and I do it all by myself!

Seneca Street Brew Pub


Seneca Street is a local craft brewpub specializing in using New York ingredients and serving New York beers.

WT Brews

WT Brews - Baldwinsville, NYWT Brews is a microbrewery located in Baldwinsville, New York.

As a New York State Farm Brewery, WT puts its focus on local ingredients to handcraft all of its beers – including growing our own hops at WT Acres farm.

WT Brews prides itself in brewing high quality, handcrafted beer that supports local agriculture and community while showcasing the best of New York.